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Topping Crue Foundation was created to achieve a number of objectives among them to end the current high poverty and vulnerability levels of which Sixty percent of people in Zambia live below the poverty line and 42 percent are considered to be extremely poor. In both rural and urban households, poverty levels are highest amongst female-headed households with extreme poverty levels of more than 60percent in rural areas and 15percent in urban areas.Hence  we work to end poverty and vulnerability through empowering the community at grass-root level with the necessary knowledge skills and financial resources needed to change their situation. Under this project provide community empowerment service by providing quality training skills to 500 vulnerable community members at no cost in sewing, knitting, carpentry, building, plumbing, motor mechanics and electricians of which skills will capacitate them to find employment or start their own small enterprise and enable them to feed their families and support their children to go to school thereby reducing the current high levels of vulnerability and poverty in our community. therefore we are really looking for partners and donors to come on board and work with us in these noble cause which will not only benefit our community members but contribute to global efforts that are investing in addressing these challenges.
Creating Reliable upliftings for the most vulnerable
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