Soon Topping Crue Foundation is going to launche a Tonse Tonse COVID19 community prevention project. This is a community based COVID19 prevention project which is designed to educate the Zambian public and ensure that the right information on how to prevent COVID19 reaches even remote locations such as the rural Zambia. Since the world and governments include the government of the Republic of Zambia have put lock downs and have restricted movements as preventive measure to cut down on the fast spread of COVID19, the project will use social media platforms of watsap, facebook ,twitter ,emails, skype, online news platform and  mobile telephone calling to disseminate information to members of the general public living in urban area. We will also use sponsored radio and Tv adverts which will be aired repeated to ensure that within the shortest possible period of time the COVID19 updates, preventive measures, research development towards finding the cure for the disease as well as any other  COVID19 relevant information reaches the general public of Zambia. We will also use recorded video and audio clips to transmit information across the nation using internet and social media platform.

To ensure that the information reaches the remotest parts of Zambia we are going to Use daily radio transmission where both live and recorded COVID19 community prevention programs will run. Apart from that we will use mobile phone calling where we are going to interact with different villages across the nation to ensure COVID19 prevention information reaches them in our quest of ensuring that COVID19 prevention information reaches them. Apart from that we are going to use Mega phones both in rural and urban to pass on COVID19 preventive measure and prevention information since we can’t hold crowd meetings. To ensure the poor population without television, internet and radio taking serious preventive measures where we are going to go area to area and this include villages through a mega phone in a car sensitization educating the people on preventive measures and also asking people to stay in door since we can’t use internet or social media as the population is poor, thereby by ensuring the COVID19 prevention measures and information reaches even the remotest part. Apart from that we have designed and are going to print out posters that we intend to stick in all public places both rural and urban containing  COVID19 preventive measures and pictures where handshakes will be crossed with an X kisses will be crossed with an X hugging will be crossed with an X careless coughing will be crossed with an X so as to prevent the spread of the disease. Some of these posters will be written in local languages and will be distributed to village and chiefdoms so as to enure those who cant read English will get information in local language and those who are in remote areas will to be able to access COVID19 prevention information. All these efforts will need extra income and so far what we bought already has strained our financial resources as we did not budget for the items bought and activities done  as well as those we intend to buy and carry ; hence the reason why we are applying for this emergency fund so that we can successfully carry out this project.

The world is on fire with 417,042 cases and  18,595 deaths so far this means that the disease is spreading like fire so fast and more than anticipated which justifies our need to urgently take preventive measures to manage the situation especially the action of disseminating prevention information to the masses. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure ; our request for funding are all aimed at preventive measures while the world is still in search for a cure to this deadly disease. We aim at protecting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, therefore our benificiaries will range from vulnerable children, disabled but mostly the elder whom most of them are in confinement as the news hit Africa that this deadly disease is taking mostly the elderly above 65 years. Hence our biggest target group is the elder in our community whom we aim at not only to protect them but also to reduce their loneliness. PLEASE COME ON BOARD AND SUPPORT THIS ARGENT PROJECT BY MAKING A DONATION OF ANY AMOUNT TO THE FOUNDATION.

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